A bundle of sweetness in my arms!Tonight, a bunch of us visited the Seetohs at the BC Women’s Hospital. Abbie is sooooooo sweet, soooooo pretty, just like her mom! She has a fine head of hair and long fingers and toes. R&R are tired, but doing fine. We tried to wake her up so that she would sleep during the night, but to no avail. She remained sound asleep even after being passed around 3 or 4 times.

R&R will be leaving us in less than 2 months, and so we won’t get to watch Abbie change and grow as we did with Caleb.

Have such mixed feelings right now, both happy and sad, warm and wistful, bittersweet. Probably hormonal. But I know this will pass.

With all the recent anticipation of newborn babies, it’s no wonder I dreamed that I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago. In the dream, I was lying in bed, VERY pregnant, and had to move carefully onto my side because the load was so heavy. Call it a tribute to Rhema and Lisa.

At EM Bethel, there are 3 more babies coming on the way! And at work, May H. is expecting in early December. Having babies seems to be trendy these days. Even Hollywood is abound with babies. More likely, I’m noticing it more because it’s “where I’m at in life.” But there is a difference in motivation between, “I want one” vs. “I want one too!”