Generally, I am a mid-morning person. That is when I naturally wake up. I can easily choose to get up insanely early (by Dot’s standards), but only if there is a very good motivator (like going on a road trip or snowboarding, or meeting a deadline). But ever since I moved out, I can no longer sleep until mid-morning comfortably or with peace of mind.

Partly, this is due to my east-facing bedroom window. There is A LOT of sunshine infiltrating my room, a bit too much light and warmth for my taste.

Also, every morning, there are some external routines that make a lot of noise. The sprinklers are one. They go on at about 6am. I actually don’t mind these too much because sibilant sounds are easy on the ears. But at 7am, a group of robust Chinese seniors at the elementary school next to my building always finish their tai-chi exercises by chorusing, “HUP, HUP, HUP!” This is MOST annoying, because the acoustics in the schoolyard and my courtyard are particuarly resonant. At 8am, construction work around the building and the school begins. And usually between 6am-10am, the fire trucks sound their horns and sirens, for real, practice, or show.

Am I complaining? Sort of. I realize it’s only bad if I insist on the entitlement to sleep in. But now that I live on my own, there are in fact many things to do, and I actually can’t afford to sleep half my morning away. This is one of the many costs of independence. But it’s definitely worth it.