I have eaten soft ice cream for four days in a row now.
The craving for soft ice cream started from eating a strawberry Dole Whip cone at the PNE on Labour Day.

The next day, after dinner at Vanya with Tammy, I persuaded her to go to Dairy Queen. Assuming the small cone at DQ was similar to the small at McDonald’s, I ordered the medium. Big mistake. A medium is twice as large as McD’s small. Although it was disgustingly huge, I enjoyed every bit of it.

I had yet another one yesterday afternoon from McD’s. For some reason, lots of elderly men and women smiled at me.

And I just came back with another on my coffee break with Neil. It was entirely Neil’s idea today, though he got the idea from me yesterday. Earlier on, I had wanted to indulge, but couldn’t because I have absolutely no money in my wallet, not even 50 cents. And I didn’t want to borrow from my colleagues for something so small. But when Neil brought it up, I was only too happy to accompany him to McD’s and ask him to spot me.