Taking transit provides ample opportunity to people-watch and form surficial and inconsequential opinions about them. Well, they are inconsequential only if I don’t act on them or hold people to them. I often like to give haircuts to people in my head.

On the Skytrain this morning enroute to work, there was a little Chinese girl who sat across from me and completely captivated me. She wasn’t particularly pretty, but exuded sweetness and precociousness in the way she talked with her mom (they spoke Cantonese). She had bangs (Bif Naked like) and long hair almost to her waist, and wore a pink and white horizontally striped long-sleeved shirt with jeans and matching pink runners, headband and knapsack. She was probably no more than 4 years old. I actually thought, “If I had a little girl, I would let her grow her hair long.”

Then I looked to my right and saw the most horrifying eye makeup EVER. This Asian woman had mascaraed her eyelashes over an inch long. They curled up, so they might be even longer! Her lashes were so thick, they made me think of tarantula legs. Yuck! Feeling a bit embarassed on her behalf, I tried desperately to justify why she did this to herself. Maybe she is a model? on her way to a photo shoot? As I got off the train, I concluded, “Maybe it’s simply bad taste.”

Sorry, no photos here. It would have been impolite and instrusive.