The weather report was on target in its prediction for rain today. It was hard to believe, since Vancouver has been enjoying great weather all week. Much to my disappointment, Dave cancelled the hike for the Grouse Grind. Have never done it before and now that I’m more physically fit, I felt up to the challenge. The Grind will close by the end of September, so maybe we’ll be able to squeeze it in on one of these weekends.

Instead I am going to the Ocean View Cemetery (overlooking a noxious, industrial part of Richmond) with my family later this morning. Typically my immediate family visits the cemeteries around Eastertime. But my aunt and grandma from New York are here visiting and they usually pay a visit to Ocean View because my grandma’s parents are buried there. It’s only a 5 minute bus ride from where I live, but my dad is insisting on squeezing me into his modern day Impala with 3 others in the back.

My great-grandmother died the year before I was born and my memories of my great-grandfather are fuzzy and vague, but I take this ritual quite seriously. Perhaps it’s out of a sense of gratitude and loyalty, generationally extended from my dad. Could go on at length about this, but I have to get ready now.