Just got up from a 2 hour nap that felt like 8 hours. Head is still spinning. Was woken up by a vivid, disturbing dream that I can only remember snatches of, but it involved round tables in a dimly lit warehouse, the Poon sisters, Joe, and a crowd of unfamiliar Asians. I was so disoriented that I when woke up, I panicked and thought I was late for work. Then I looked at the clock, it said 6:02, and I thought, “Wow, I got up really early for Monday, can’t believe I slept the whole evening through without eating dinner!” When I couldn’t recall when I went to bed last night, I finally figured it was STILL today.

Boy, am I really off this weekend. No surprise, given that I have been sleeping very late the past couple of evenings. Also I have things on my mind that if I dwell on them too much make me feel claustrophobic. Fortunately, I’ve got Slings & Arrows 3, Roots Revolution (which I picked up from Pilgrim’s yesterday), handspinning and knitting to distract me.

Got sidetracked from the book arts for now by taking an interest in spinning. Was intrigued and inspired by sweetgeorgia‘s learning of the craft. My hands have been itching to make something, to do something productive, and from all that I’ve read about handspinning, it seemed like a relaxing, organic activity to try. I actually have 2 top whorl drop spindles. The first I picked up from Birkeland Bros. (an Ashford) and the second one was a real steal! Sandi Ernest of Shades of Narnia was selling spinning kits for $12 at the Safeway Farmers Market at the PNE this year. As I was poking around for one in the bags of wool, she came up to me and said they were all sold out. She offered to sell me the drop spindle she demonstrated on for $5 and threw in a pack of wool. The one I bought from her is handmade by her husband.

Here are some pics of my first slubby attempts at spinning singles and knitting that prematurely: