In doing some work-related research on a cross-country skiing resource I was cataloguing, I stumbled onto French Farmhouse Holidays. The owners are core members of one of my favourite local choirs, musica intima. Sarah, my friend and colleague from my previous workplace, is friends with Caitlin McRae, and had told me about this endeavour a few years back. I remember thinking it was such an original and gusty venture to do.

So I’m thinking, let’s go to France! Recently, I’ve been wanting to see French countryside (though I won’t say ‘no’ to Paris). And we can support these friendly, gutsy, artsy Canadians. If you do the math, $850-$1000/week for up to 7 people is really good! Can’t go next year as I’m definitely making a trip to New York and possibly one to Long Beach, but I’m all for sharing leads and planting seeds in people’s minds.