Thinking about local musicians in my previous post made me think about other local musicians that I used to work with.

Before I got the FT stint as a cataloguer 3 years ago, I used to work on-call and PT at all sorts of branches and divisions in the library system. Back then, I had a regular shift on the PRL reference desk on Tuesday evenings and often shared it with Jamie Hovorka. Tuesday evenings are always quiet and naturally we got chatting. Many of the library staff are interesting, creative people who have a passion outside their job, and I found out soon enough that he was a trumpet player. And very good one too.Gillian, Jamie & me

I believe in supporting local artists and began dragging my girlfriends with me to check out his gigs with Greenroom, Mimosa, and some other groups whose names I can’t remember right now. Enjoyed all of them, but especially Greenroom because their music is very danceable and very conducive to getting a party going.

Then Jamie got into the Masters of Jazz Performance program somewhere out in Texas. From what I can gather, he’s done very well, no surprise there, and now living in LA. I continue to wish him well and hope to see him play the next time he’s back.

I love the sound of the trumpet, it’s sexy, sassy, classy, and sometimes a bit obnoxious. It’s got attitude and gives a backbone to some otherwise flakey pop songs out there.