While visiting France isn’t feasible in the near, near future, going to New York very much is. I have a sister who will be graduating from the MBA program at Wharton next May, and my entire family is going to attend the commencement ceremony. Given that we have relatives in NY, it makes sense to centre our sojourn to the East Coast there, and then to dart out to Philly and back.

I looooove New York. Haven’t travelled all that much, so it doesn’t mean a whole lot to say it’s my favourite metropolis in the world, but I have a gut feeling it would be, even if I were well travelled. It’s so thick with glitz, glam, culture, and history that a *nobody* can feel like a *somebody* just by walking the streets of Manhattan. The magic and life of the city just rubs off on you like pixie dust. It can’t be helped.

My soft spot for the city is partly due to the family roots I have there. My grandfather emigrated to NY from China in 1950, and his father in the 1930’s. Apparently, my grandfather was detained on Ellis Island for an entire year before he could start his life in NY. With my interest in genealogy, looking up family members’ passenger records, manifests, and ship information is something I’m planning to do with my aunt during this visit.

Also, I want to get tickets to two particular Broadway shows that will hopefully still be running: The Producers and The Drowsy Chaperone (written by Canada’s very own Don McKellar!).

And then there’s the cultural thing to do–visiting the museums, art galleries, and the New York Public Library of course. Given my developing appreciation for letterpress printing, I hope to stop by the Center for Book Arts.

If Dot joins me, we’ll be keeping our eyes out for Manolo Blahniks and do some serious shopping together.

I haven’t been back to NY since 1999 when Patricia, Caroline, and I did our library practicums there. Was hoping to go in fall of 2001 but then 9/11 happened and the after-effects of that kept me away (among some other things). Now that I’m older and a bit more worldly, it is time to rekindle an old flame.