Given that I work a compressed schedule, I get every other Monday off. It’s a sweet situation, giving me a long weekend every other week. Thus, I love the second half of the year because there’s a stat holiday every month that typically falls in between my “short” weeks, meaning that four-day work weeks are the norm rather than the exception.

Today wasn’t as restful as I would have liked it, but was enjoyable. Very good eating! Had breakfast with Susan, my longtime friend from elementary school. She made me breakfast, complete with scrambled eggs, sausage, bagels, fruit, tea and even a smoothie. It was good to catch up, as always. Susan has been really good with staying in touch with me over the years, and I am blessed and thankful for her perseverance because I don’t always make it easy.

dscn2085.JPGThen, I took Ian out for a very belated birthday meal. Went to KOKO, one of the best authentic Japanese restaurants in Vancouver. Located in a dodgy part of town on Hastings St. off Victoria Dr., it doesn’t look like much, but whenever we had “snushi” sushi cravings, Derek and I always came here because the quality of fish served is unparalleled.

Afterwards, we went grocery shopping at Safeway. With all the recent family dinners, I haven’t needed to cook, and my fridge has been devoid of substenance for days. Picked up a box of lychee juice (Ceres brand), which I’m tempted to enhance with a bit of Soho tonight, but will most likely refrain because I want to sleep well.

Late afternoon, a group of us went to the YWCA for a yoga class since it’s Open House all week there. At this point, I was soooo tired that I considered jamming out on my friends, but didn’t because it was my idea. Somewhat glad I went. During one of the routines, something in my lower back went “pop” and relieved me from the chronic pain I have been dealing with for the past couple weeks.

Whipped up a comfort food dinner for Dot and myself. Due to limited resources, she had spaghetti and meatsauce while I had dumplings. We shared a plate of grilled zuchinni (aka “courgette” in Brit speak) and brocolli with cheese. This is the closest I’ve gotten to fusion cooking, broadly defined.