Just came back from my first step class EVER. Even though I don’t do very well in exercise classes. I let Susie persuade me to go, especially since it’s an Open House at the YWCA this week and I have been flirting with the idea of getting a membership there.

It was a tough 45 minute class, unsuitable to a total beginner like me. Lots of turns, kicks, switching of feet, and arm raising–very challenging choreography. The veteran class marched and waved in unison, while I stuck out like a sore thumb, arms flailing, stepping out of synch and against the group flow. A couple of well-meaning souls even offered me some tips on how to keep up (“look at the person in front of you”). At the 15 minute mark, I was feeling thoroughly mortified and inept. Wanted to crawl under the step bench, tail tucked in between the legs.

But I reasoned myself out of self-consciousness (because, really, no one was watching except for those well-meaning women, and it’s no one’s business anyway) and forged on like a good trouper, minus the waving of arms for easier coordination. Eventually, I picked up the step pattern, even the turns.

My favourite parts were the resistance, hand weight, and matwork segments in the second half of the class. THAT I could do. All in all, although I’m feeling a bit beat up, I’m proud to have persevered to the end.