Anita told me recently about the new generation of iPod shuffles to be released this coming October.

What can I say? I want it, although I once pooh-poohed the idea of getting an MP3 player.

I started changing my mind about MP3 players ever since I sold my car and took up running again. I miss having the option of having something to listen to when I’m on the go.

The impulse to buy one was sparked last month, when I bought a Sugoi running jacket from The Run Inn for rainy days and cooler temperatures. I absolutely love this jacket– it’s electric blue (like Jen’s Mini) and tastefully streamlined. One unique feature (which I noticed only after I brought it home) is a pocket near the shoulder of the left sleeve for an MP3 player. The design allows for the headphone wires to feed through the inside of the pocket and up along the collar so they stay out of the way. How clever!

Unfortunately, this feature also started whetting my consumerist appetite, calling forth the Material Girl within me. I feel compelled to fill that pocket.

BUT. My conscience is giving me a hard time. In striving to live within my means, I have been living this bit of wisdom from U2’s Beautiful Day: “What you don’t have you don’t need it now …,” which has helped turn me away from many an unnecessary purchase.

Given my situation, I find it ironic that U2 agreed to be a part of Apple’s launch campaign for the iPod, resulting in the iPod U2 Special Edition.

Anyways. I’m going to take my time with this. Stay iTuned.