Given our different figures and propensity to want what we don’t have, Dot and I have this ongoing and probably irresolvable disagreement about what is beautiful in terms of body shape and what instinctually appeals to men. In spite of the media hype and glorification of being thin, I really think that, at a genetic and evolutionary level, heterosexual men are drawn to “more” than “less,” provided the woman is healthy and looks like she can handle bearing children, not vulnerable to being knocked over by the wind. Of course, not being male, I have no authority behind what I’m claiming, but that’s my opinion. There is such thing as being too skinny.

I like to say that the wedding vow “to have and to hold” means exactly that. That is, men want someone “to have and to hold,” not “to have and to grasp.”

So I felt a bit smug when I heard news of how organizers of the Madrid Fashion Week turned away models who had a BMI of less than 18.

This recent issue of models being too thin has also been citing a sad story from a month ago about Luisel Ramos, a 22 year old Uruguayan model who fainted after a catwalk and died of heart failure because she consumed nothing but lettuce and diet Coke for months.

Although I fall within the healthy range of the BMI, I’m on the lower end. To feel better about my body, to enjoy a sensation of presence in my clothes, I’d like to put on at least 5-7 lbs. This isn’t an easy goal to achieve. In addition to being disciplined, I have a lot to learn about nutrition and physical fitness.