dscn2086.JPGYesterday, I took the afternoon off to check out a retreat facility out in Hope. My ride was running behind so I decided to pick up some lunch at Lingering Flavour. Stepping out of LF, I saw a tan-coloured pug tied to the entrance of the London Drugs next door. He was just plopped there on the concrete, quiet and dopey, begging to be loved. Immediately, I thought of Neil, my desk partner at work, who adores pugs. He wants one, he’s even got names picked out depending on gender, but unfortunately his apartment doesn’t allow pets. So instead, he has a pug calendar pinned up at work. He always gets giddy at the end of the month because he can’t wait to see what the next picture will be. Luckily, I had my Nikon Coolpix 2500 on me and snapped a few shots for Neil.

So, for Neil: