Can’t sleep. Just came back from the 2007 Hall of Flame Calendar launch. Though tired, I’m feeling wired and alert, probably from being overstimulated by the scene at Crush, where the event was held. Picked up 2 calendars, one for myself and one for Sandy, my former boss, whose birthday is coming up. I marked her calendar on a Post-It to receive “special” autographs.

Went down with Dot, Anita, and Andrea. Too bad the other girls couldn’t make it, for various reasons. I really wished the vivacious Cho sisters could have come, but the Glitter Queen called louder.

Was glad to see Linda, Patti and Beibei from work turn up. Linda managed to persuade sweet, innocent Beibei to get a temporary tattoo on the small of her back and upgrade to a cocktail from a Coke.

dscn2094.JPGI got a tattoo on my left shoulder. The transfer process felt like prepping for a flu shot. The fire fighter who applied it reassured me it wouldn’t hurt (I must have instinctively flinched or something). Much to my surprise, he remembered that Anita and I visited Christopher years ago when he worked at Hall No. 9. But I suppose not too many girls drop by fire halls to visit.

A few of the firemen were also giving massages. Of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a free back rub. For some reason, the guy who worked on me wasn’t too into it, though Anita was very happy with him.

Oh, and there was the signing. I missed the signing of my cover and January because I was kept waiting at the coat check. But I joined at March and all was well. Got to form first impressions of some of the calendar guys:

Mr. March was a bit stilted and abrupt; he seemed tired of having to make small talk.

Can’t remember much about Mr. April and May. I had a cheesy line all prepared for Mr. May, but didn’t manage to deliver it.

I liked Mr. June the best; he was sweet and very gentlemanly, a little shy. All the girls with me loved Mr. June.

Surprisingly, Mr. July asked me whether I found the evening “weird.” To which I answered, “Well, the signing part reminds me of high school a bit. You know, like when we sign annuals.” To which he said, “How come I don’t get to sign your annual?” Haha.

Mr. August was very conservative with his autographs. He seemed uncomfortable with my prompting to write something scandalous on Sandy’s calendar.

I liked Mr. September too, but for opposite reasons to Mr. June. He was pretty shameless and suave, and really got into the role of being a ladies man. He held my hands lingeringly (apparently, he did this to a lot of the women) and said to me, “I wish I were 30 years younger.” Hah! With Anita, he ran his finger down her arm. I found out from Dot that he was retiring very soon, which means he’s quite experienced and worldly. So I guess he could totally afford to be shameless.

Mr. October was kind enough to write a birthday wish for Sandy. In the calendar itself, I like his picture best, the pose and composition.

Mr. November posed with his dalmatian, named Cinder, and who I thought at first was a prop. The girls highly, highly approved of the name. Mr. November told me a few facts about dalmation dogs.

Mr. February and December weren’t there.

I will be hanging my calendar at work, which will be a welcome visual relief from the LCD monitor. Christopher, who is the Photo/Production Manger for the calendar, did a great job with the photos. If you want one, you can find them at London Drugs, the VGH Gift Shop, selected Save-on Foods/Overwaitea stores, Chapters (on Graville and Metrotown), Oscars Books, Final Touch Gifts, Stong’s Market, Hallmark (Metrotown), and Gloss Hair Salon.

All in all, it was fun, something different, and will definitely make my conversations next week with people more colourful.