dscn2091.JPGGrace the Fireball and Lilian the Contemplative are a couple of girls from my church who occupy a soft spot in my heart. They’ve been around for a while, but I didn’t really start getting to know them until I had them in my Sunday School class a few years ago. They have been a joy to know and sources of encouragement and blessing. They even give me gifts!

Grace had a hand in helping me move into my apartment early this year. She even knows the number of electrical plugs in the suite. Being very handy and keen to help me furnish my spacious balcony, she made me a bench in her woodworking class. It is an impressive piece of work, lacquered and designed to store things underneath the seat.

dscn2090.JPGLilian, who is part of the snowboarding crowd at Bethel, recently returned from a family vacation where they travelled all over Europe. She told me she didn’t like Rome, but really enjoyed London, where she spotted a particular mug and thought it was the perfect gift for me. I was really touched to be thought of.

Lilian and Grace are quite the dynamic duo and I have enjoyed watching their friendship and character grow over time. As a mini tribute, I took pictures of their gifts to me together.