I don’t know why it is, but there is something charming and pleasing about seeing men in uniform or uniformly dressed. Of course, as Dot points out, it depends on what the purpose or vocation is: a group of park rangers or enrobed monks (kindly as they are) doesn’t quite hit the spot. Anyways, coming off the heels of the fire fighter calendar launch the night before, I got lucky again!

Yesterday afternoon, enroute to carrying out a clandestine mission at the Banana Republic in PC, I spotted from the car an assemblage of about 40’ish gentlemen (and one woman) in formal attire, in white tie specifically. They were posing for a group photo on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The whole lot of them cut a pretty fine figure in their black tailcoats and all. I asked Dot to drop me off so I could spend some time admiring them. It turns out they were my other favourite choir in the city, Chor Leoni. The choice of location for the photo shoot made perfect sense because there are stone lions on both sides of the steps. Needless to say, I was thrilled to bits to see them. I have such admiration for Diane Loomer and the work she’s put into this choir. I remember those days in 2nd year at UBC when a few of us joined the Choral Union and was privileged to have Diane as our conductor.