Yippee, I just found out that I have the entire next week off! What’s great is that I use only 3 vacation days but get 10 consecutive days off. Apparently I had planned this months ago but because I’ve been enjoying work these days, it completely slipped my mind. I’m still a bit stunned because I’m mentally unprepared to take a break from work. This a first!

So what AM I going to do with myself?

For one, I’d like to do a day trip to the States if possible.

And definitely I want to get outdoors, depending on the weather. Maybe I’ll get adventurous and take my dinosaur of a bike somewhere really far this time. In May, Ian and I did some night riding out to Richmond, which I quite enjoyed, though it was hard work going over the Knight Street bridge and coming back home.

Also, there are a lot of domestic projects that I’ve been putting off, including:

  • Recycling bottles
  • Sorting out boxes of papers
  • Reorganizing my books
  • Optimizing my storage space by getting rid of stuff
  • Lining drawers and cabinet shelving
  • Improving security on my windows and doors
  • Moving stuff around and putting it away

Gee, this sounds so boring but a part of me is looking forward to it. Can we call it nesting?