Sometime during dinner last night, I felt a sore throat coming on. Went to bed early and woke up at 3am with definitely a sore throat, swollen tonsils, and a slight fever. So I stayed away from work today. Something is going around.

I love being on my own, but when I’m sick, I tend to feel particularly alone and a bit sorry for myself (because being sick doesn’t excuse me from taking care of myself). When I lived at home, being sick was a relatively small inconvenience; I could maximize my time to rest and recover without much responsibility. But I don’t have that luxury any more. That’s one reason why I’ve been eating more healthily and exercising more diligently–to avoid this sad situation altogether, as much as possible.

dscn2119.JPGFortunately this time, I have a pot of stew to sustain me and relieve me from cooking. This past Monday was Simon’s turn to cook for R&R (as they are still adjusting to parenthood). He made a big batch of beef stew for them and saved me a portion. I am grateful; it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Can feel the cold moving into my head now. It’s somewhat bearable, but I do want to be well enough to work tomorrow and Friday, before my vacation starts. So lots of water today, and probably a nap later on this afternoon.