On my lunch break, waiting for the water to boil to make a pot of tea to help keep me warm. Am feeling much better from the head cold, though it’s freezing on the Lower Level today, even with 3 layers on.

Reclassified a book about Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul called Mr. & Mrs. G.G. : the Media Princess & the Court Philosopher this morning. Nothing exciting here. But with them being such intellectual powerhouses, I do wonder what conversation is like between the two of them. I’m sure they are nice, regular people; they are committed, upstanding Canadian citizens after all, but on surface I find them rather intimidating and a bit pretentious. Would hate to be stuck in an elevator with them.

Interesting piece of trivia: Adrienne has got Taishan roots. Don’t know if she knows the dialect, which my family can speak, but it makes me giggle to imagine her uttering sounds from this squawky, very unclassy language.

In one of the family dinners this month, I was taught, “Mm hu hac hee” (Cantonese equivalent “Mm ho hac hay”), a phrase used, in the typical Chinese self-deprecating manner, to assert protest when receiving gifts or being served. I thought Cantonese sounds pretty crude, but Taishan is much worse. If you offer me a gift, I’ll be happy to demonstrate for you.