So frustrating, being sick, especially since I’m on vacation now for the next 10 days. The cold has moved into my head and I can’t smell much or think clearly. Rather oblivous to my surroundings actually. My friends have to keep repeating themselves, and apparently, according to Dot, I even cut someone in line today, completely unawares.

Lacking energy and verve, I have had to cancel a number of plans this weekend (e.g. my desk partner Neil jokingly described it as “calling in sick” on watching a movie with him) and step out of certain routines, such as exercising. Attempted a brisk walk around the golf course this morning, but didn’t last beyond 10 minutes. With the cold, it’s smart not to push my body, but I am anxious not to be derailed from my efforts to stay fit. It’s very hard for me to reestablish a routine once I’m off it for a week or two.

In fact, I have gone off track ever since Labour Day. It all started with me dropping a bass drum on my right big toe. The cuticle clean tore off, which took a over a week to heal, and required me to wear open toe shoes (i.e. not the greatest support). And so I started having back problems. That’s why I was very keen to use the YWCA Open House as a springboard to get back into things again. And just as the momentum of motivation picked up, this blasted cold sets in. Aargh!

Part of this frustration has to do with facing my limitations, which I have difficulty accepting and working with. It is not only a psychological struggle, but also one of the soul, a sore point between God and me. But more on limitations on another day, when I’m better and my brain will have recovered its usual acumen.