FYI, I really loathe things that buzz or crawl. I find them intrusive and obliviously inconsiderate. Since living on my own now requires me to rid my environment of such things by myself, I become incredibly restless, focussed, even obsessed to achieve my aim ASAP. My adrenaline levels rise, the feline killer instinct kicks in.

As I was turning on the computer this morning, I heard a terse “zz” sound near my head. I thought, “Oh no! Another wasp!” For some reason, wasps have been finding their way through the narrow crack of window that’s always left open in the den.

Sure enough, it was a wasp. A very angry one too, judging by the intensity of wing vibration. Unlike the other ones I chased out all summer, this one took me nearly an hour to get rid of. It took patience and some strategic pacing on my part.

Typically I widen the window to let wasps fly out on their own accord. Usually opportunistic creatures, they follow the airflow out into the Great Big World when they sense a new rush of air. This tired wasp, however, kept crawling between the sliding windows, thwarting my attempts to free it (i.e. to relieve myself from the jitters).

After a long period of rest, it crawled out, still angry, but resigned. Poised and ready, watchful like a hawk, I took advantage of its open position and cupped it with a cardboard tube, using old bus schedules to seal the tube on both ends. Then I hurled it out into the Great Big World.

No loss of life was involved. So a double congratulations to me. I’m now going to make myself a big breakfast with lots of protein.