Here’s some background on thefourthpotato‘s reference to “the spider-pan” in his recent comment on my wasp post:

One thing I don’t miss about living in my parents’ basement are the wolf spiders. When the seasons change, they crawl out of the woodwork and give me a lot of anxiety. These guys have hard, crunchy bodies and move VERY quickly. They also bite and can grow quite large (I’ve seen one as large as the size of my palm). With their antennae, they look freakishly 10-legged.

I HATE wolf spiders and have no qualms about killing them. I have been bitten a number of times by them in my sleep. Who knows how many I might have accidently ingested. Blech.

I kept a blue dustpan and brush ready at hand to deal with these critters. This pan was dubbed “the spider pan.” Whenever I spotted one zipping across the carpet, I brushed the spider onto the pan, and bounced it like crazy to keep it disoriented. I would bounce the spider on the pan all the way to the bathroom and flush it away with great triumph and relief. “Die, spider, die!” I sometimes cried.

The other way I dealt with these guys when they retreated into hard-to-reach corners away from me (who can blame them?) is spritzing them with hairspray. Their joints stiffen in seconds, and I would either brush them out or suck it away with the vaccuum.