Due to my cold last week, I missed out on a fieldtrip to Costco organized by Jen, who has a membership there. The main thing I “needed” to pick up this time around was a renewed supply of toilet paper, which my friends were kind enough to get for me. I figured that because I was down to my last 10 rolls, I should get some more. This is the first time that I have ever gauged the remaining supply of such an item and I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Actually, it was also Jen who picked up toilet paper for me about 6 months ago, also from Costco. Because I was quite happy with her choice, I stuck with it. It’s the Kirkland brand in a package of 36 for only $20.33, including tax (consumer tip: do not get the Save-on Foods Western Living toilet paper; a roll lasts only 3 days because the sheets are wound so loosely).

However, as I was putting the new rolls away, which felt like a neverending, repetitious exercise of reaching in and out of the cupboard 36 times, I started to feel really silly. For I now have a serious oversupply of toilet paper that will probably last me for close to a year. Who on earth needs THAT much toilet paper?

So I realize that I take after my dad in some ways, especially in that compulsive need to stock up before the essentials run out. His house is so well stocked with canned goods and toiletries, I like to joke that it would be great as a disaster relief centre. I had always complained that he was excessive and overly cautious, but what can I say now, given my recent gross miscalculation? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.