Yippee, going shopping across the border tomorrow, according to plan. I had considered jamming out on my friends because I’ve been run down and tired. But because nothing else has gone my way this week, I do want to do at least one thing I set out to do for my break. Also, I need a pick-me-up these days. Although I know better, shopping MAY do the trick, made more enticing by good company.

I recently complained about being strapped, but I figure that is true only in Canadian dollars, for living on this side of the border. It doesn’t technically apply to USD, which my New York relatives most generously bestowed on me during their visit. Spending USD doesn’t affect my biweekly budget in any way! Okay, okay, enough justification. I should probably save this for my trip to NY next May, but … I’m not.

Don’t have a lot to shop for actually, but I would really like a new pair of high boots. The heels of my old ones are wearing off and the leather has stretched to the point where I’m swimming in them. Very unsexy. But it’s been challenging in looking for leather boots that fit my calves snugly (yet another issue I have with being too thin). Anything I found that has fit costs over $400, or is synthetic, which I can’t bring myself to pay pver $100 for.

Anwways, I should turn in now. It’s going to be a loooooooong day tomorrow.