Having passed through a crisis of conscience with the shopping craze on Saturday, I am now ready to gloat about my top three bargain finds.

  1. A pair cream-coloured cords from Banana Republic. On sale it was already $24.99. But there was an in-store sale for another 40% off. And on top of that, our total purchase as a group qualified for an additional 25% off. Final total: $11.24.
  2. An olive green knit skirt with lace trim from the Gap. On the clearance rack for $3.97. With an additional 40% and then the 25% group discount, the final total came to $2.08.
  3. A set of coupons for 8 junior frosties at Wendy’s for $1. This was my favourite “bargain” (I confess that I have completely missed the point of charitable giving). We had stopped over at Wendy’s in Burlington for a quick lunch. After I polished off my sandwich, my soft ice cream cravings kicked in again, so a chocolate frosty was in order. I was in the middle of asking for a large frosty when the pimply-faced, stoned-sounding, teenaged cashier cut in with another idea.

img_1945.jpgPfSsTC: “Would you like to donate a dollar to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital?”

Me (wondering what this has got to do with frosties): “Um … uh ….”

PfSsTC: “You get a coupon book for 8 junior frosties. And you can trade in 4 coupons for a large frosty.”

Me (incredulous, but feeling like I’m depriving kids from their rightful frosties): “Uh, okay, um, I’ll take the coupon book. Then, uh, I’d like to trade 4 in for a large chocolate frosty, please.”

I was so tempted to ask the cashier, “Are you sure?” because I was a bit stunned by this offer. It didn’t sit well with me that I should gleefully benefit from this fundraising initiative. Also, my entrepreneurial mind couldn’t figure out how Wendy’s benefitted from this arrangement. Quite possibly, this employee didn’t know any better.

Instead opportunistic me (hucking the principle of charity) asked, “Can I use these coupons in Canada?”

The cashier checked with his manager, who reassured me I could use them at any Wendy’s in the world.

Very pleased with myself, I brought the large frosty back to my party, who was also very incredulous, to the point where I briefly questioned whether I had unwittingly taken advantage of some poor child with cancer. Also, I realized that I should have simply gotten 4 SEPARATE junior frosties for the 4 of us, instead of making everyone share one large one, thereby causing them to double-dip. But I was obviously too enarmoured with the idea of bringing home the “the big prize.”

Sometimes, my tenacity scares me. If choice of dog is supposed to reflect the owner’s personality, I always thought I was the border collie type, but I seem to exhibit pit-bull tendencies at times.

Haven’t decided what to do with the remaining 4 coupons, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll end up “doing the right thing” with them.