Just woke up and learned from Dot that some good friends, Alvin and Lisa, had a baby girl last night. Welcome baby Emma! 7lbs. Nice size. From the email: “‘She’s beautiful,’ says Dad. Lisa’s doing well and resting. Stay tuned about visiting.” See here for her uncle’s reaction.

When Abbie was born just over a month ago, it was Alvin who spread the news. He wrote an email and entitled it, “It’s a GIRL!” and forgot to specify that it was R&R who had the baby. Understandly, some people got confused. Alvin had to fire off another email very promptly to clarify. Heh.

In the faith community I belong to, there are 2 more babies (as far as I’m aware!) on their way, spaced about 3 months apart. Our demographic is changing very quickly.