Since I had today off, I slept quite late last night, trying obsessively to figure out a strum pattern for a song that Simon wants to teach Bethel for this coming Sunday’s worship service. This is Matt Maher’s “Overflow”. I like this song for various reasons: it’s very singable and uplifting without being nauseatingly or unrealistically happy. Lyrics-wise, it could be more focussed, but overall, it serves very well as a song of response to God, whether after the sermon, confession/declaration of pardon, or communion.

I found it confounding to play on the guitar because it required finger hammering in the midst of syncopated “half-time bluegrass” strumming, and for some reason, I was always off half a beat coming into a riff. Drove me crazy, and had to call it quits at 4am. Because I had a fully packed day off today, I thought I’d give it a rest, as I like to do when I am stumped by some math-like problem (I consider all things related to rhythm math-like).

However, late this afternoon, as I was getting ready to head off to my parents’ for dinner, it occurred to me to bring my guitar over, just to have something to do. So I did! And finally figured out the pattern tonight, thanks to some tips from Simon, who worked off a a demonstration given by Matt Maher himself on the Internet.

Here’s someone’s animation handiwork featuring the chorus only: