This morning, my sister forwarded me some footage of the Woodwards building demolition that took place not 3 weeks ago. Go to the GVTV page on this event for more footage. GVTV is a great resource for anything to do with life in the Lower Mainland.

I have fond memories of shopping at Woodwards in the 80’s. They maintained a fantastic toy department on the top floor of the building. I remember the $1.49 days (can still hear the jingle in my head) as well as their annual magnificent Christmas display (“Toyland”, I think it was called), where staff dressed as Santa’s elves gave you a sucker once you got through to the end of it.

My mom made shopping at Woodwards part of the trip to the Downtown Eastside (when the neighbourhood wasn’t as sketchy as it has come to be today), along with Army & Navy (yum, those chocolate malts), and Woolco.