My fashionable and trendy colleague Susie, who is working on her PhD in Linguistics, is one of the wittiest and most scintillating conversationalists I know. She’s loads of fun and is always thinking about something interesting.

One day, she comes up to me and asks me who my secret celebrity crush is. I was really puzzled by this concept, so she clarified for me, “You know, someone that you find attractive who’s somewhat well-known or familiar to the general public, but because of the way that person became famous, you worry people might think you’re weird if you admitted your attraction.” The context: Susie has a friend who plans to pursue an art therapy project hinged on people’s secret celebrity crushes as a way to explore their inner psyches and hidden desires.

It took me a long time to think of one, so Susie offered a few examples to get me started. Here are a few that came up in conversation with her other friends:

For a while, the only person I could think of is the CBC news anchor Ian Hanomansing. Thinking aloud here, I wouldn’t readily volunteer this information (unless it’s to entertain you at my expense) because it seems so uncool to admit that I would find a news anchor hot. But he IS good-looking in a chiseled sort of way, well-mannered, and intelligent, n’est-ce pas?

The other person that’s kinda growing on me (dare I say it? 😳 ) is the taller dude of the “Back Dormitory Boys” (the guy on the right). Hahahaha! Go ahead and mock me! This is even MORE uncool than the news anchor, for downright mean reasons I can’t say here. But he certainly cleaned up well for his graduation! I think he also has good features, but more so, I find him attractive because he’s so shameless and self-deprecatingly funny. Takes guts to huck off self-consciousness and dignity!

Anyhoo, this makes for interesting water cooler conversation at the very least.