So finally, I’ve gotten around to this gratuitously juicy, but important and thought-provoking part of my life. It’s going to require a series of posts because there’s so much to examine and chew on when it comes to relationships. I guess that’s why Carrie Bradshaw gets a regular column for this stuff. Anyways, let me start by giving a personal context for how I came to conduct the online dating experiment.

Sometime early on this year, while I was in the middle of mashing potatoes for dinner, a friend ambushed me with this question, “So when are you going to get married?” For a moment, I was stunned speechless. First of all, my friend is not a particularly close friend, and secondly, his question was not a little bit presumptous, if not downright obnoxious, given that I wasn’t with anyone.

Too astounded to form a quippy comeback, all I could manage was a vague, somewhat feeble, but truthful, “Um, when the right guy asks.”

And then somehow, I managed to find my bearings again. With shoulders pulled back and straightened spine, I assumed a defensive posture (which I tried to masquerade as uber-thoughtfulness), and pressed on to offer a well-rehearsed justification of why I was in no hurry to get married any time soon. But because my response was rather comprehensive and not entirely true (unbeknownst to me at the time), I’ll have to elaborate on it and what ensued in another post. Stay tuned.