Having retired from the library system almost 2 years ago, Deborah now comes in only on Fridays as auxiliary staff to help Neil with cataloguing print music and music recordings. I consider Deborah a “kindred spirit,” so I look forward to seeing her every week. We typically go out for coffee to catch up.

Today, we went to Gutenburg’s, where we often go because it’s quiet, friendly, not a chain, and nearby. Got my order first, so I went to get a table. With my cup of English Breakfast and High Energy Oat Bar in hand, I headed for a table by the window, and who should I see two tables away, talking animatedly with his companion? One of my secret celebrity crushes! It’s not that surprising to run into him, since I work a stone’s throw away from the CBC Vancouver headquarters.

I deliberately took the seat that would have my back facing him. Didn’t want to put myself in a position where I would be tempted to be rude to Deborah because I knew that I’d be distracted and that my eyes would wander.

It’s been a good day so far!