The worship service at Bethel was incredibly moving today, a real mix of happy and sad.

First of all, it was a baptism service, a joyous occasion. Lilian, Andy, Emily, and Tim got baptised today. These four young adults were incredibly articulate and heartfelt in their testimonies, in their stories of how God has made a difference in their lives. I cried when they spoke, partly because these guys gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own faith journey, but more because they revealed a lack of faith on my part. Lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m a fool to serve God and his church (in fact, I think by the world’s standards, I am a fool); I wonder if what I’m part of has any value or impact. But hearing the stories of these four make all our hard work and commitment worth it. Imperfect and limited in resources as our church is, it’s a miracle that God has used us to draw others nearer to him, to help others see what he sees and love with his love. I hope all the visitors that came today to worship with us and witness the commitment of these young people got a glimpse of God today.

Also, today was R&R and Abbie’s last service with us. I can’t believe that they’ve been with us for half a year! Time passed so quickly. At the end of the service, Raymond encouraged us with some visionary words, and shared a song with us to express how he felt about serving us in the past 6 months and to encourage us with “the whole point of it all.” Quite a number of us were bawling (Raymond’s desired effect, I believe) because we will miss the Seetohs a lot.

As well, there were a lot of new and familiar faces that turned up today. The Chongs joined us in worship for the first time in many weeks and brought baby Emma with them.

There’s so much going on! I feel caught up in a whirlwind.