The closer I approach the anniversary of the completion date of my apartment (i.e. mid-December), the more I play with the idea of selling my place. The couple who rented my parking space up until the end of September sold their suite (the ground floor version of my unit) for a very good price. And the entrepreurial side of me cannot ignore that. Because I’m higher up, I’m sure I can sell for a little more. Then I would take my profit, invest it semi-conservatively, and use the return to pay rent. That would allow me to save whatever I would normally contribute to my mortgage and maintenance fees and wait for another good opportunity to buy. Even my dad thinks it’s worth pursuing, especially since I don’t have a whole lot of responsibility on my plate right now. I would only have to take care of me.

But these thoughts give me a headache. The idea of making another big change is tiring and stress-inducing. It’s a given that another move is necessarily inconvenient and stressful, but is it worth it? How do I measure worth here? Is it about money? Security? Emotional stability? My well-being? Staying flexible to future life-changing opportunities? I don’t know!!

Obviously, there are significant pros and cons to my staying or selling.The main problem is that I don’t know what I want, which affects my ability to assess what trade offs to make.

I DON’T like not knowing what I want. I feel really ungrounded and vulnerable.