For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been on a keen lookout for any Poppy Fund volunteer from the Royal Canadian Legion. Everyone on this side of town seems have found a poppy (even two) except me, and I’ve been feeling a bit deprived of an opportunity to express goodwill and good citizenship. There’s usually someone stationed around the library, but for some reason, I hadn’t much luck running into one. Until this morning!

Taking my usual shortcut into Library Square through the federal government building, I spotted the Poppy Man through the glass doors. I was so happy to see him, this biggish, bespectacled male presence donned with a Legion beret and jacket decorated with medals. I hurried over to him and breathlessly announced, “I have been looking for you everywhere!” He responded benevolently in his deep, deep voice, “Well … I am here now.” I plunked my toonie into his coin box, picked up my poppy, and went my merry way to work.

For my friends who are teachers (or nerds at heart), here’s an educational guide to Remembrance Day.