It hasn’t been the best of long weekends (I have been suffering from a seized-up neck for the past 36 hours). It all started off with some uncalled for criticism (which although well-meaning, I didn’t take very well) on Friday night. And then I had a bad dream (about the same criticism) around 530am on Saturday morning. Tossed and turned, trying to make a decision, which cut into my precious sleep. Precious, because I had an early start for a day trip to Whistler with Simon, Dot, and Jen. I was so tired, I was tempted to jam out on them, but didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t because the excursion to Whistler to check out the Cornucopia Celebration of Wine and Food was the pinnacle of my weekend.

Enroute, I had the Hot Breakfast Sandwich from the Squamish Tim Horton’s for the very first time! Yum! Unbeknownst to me at the time, this menu item enables me to consume alcohol with no adverse effects.

The first thing Simon and I did when we got to Whistler Village was pick up our lift passes from Guest Relations. Then weimg_2158.JPG all headed to the Slow Foods Artisans’ Market just in time for lunch. We tried some very fine things there: wine, cheeses, raclette, soup, baked goods, and best of all a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Jen and I shamelessly licked our drizzled plates. Jen and I also purchased some gourmet cheeses from the Little Qualicum Cheeseworks stand. I picked up a hunk of Raclette and Sans Pareil, which I enjoyed very much today, in spite of my pitiful physical state.

After stuffing ourselves with good things, we walked around the Village and did some window shopping. At some point, the snow came down thick and fast. The flakes were so huge, they quickly blanketed whatever they touched. The scene was incredibly pretty and romantic.

Another highlight: I came across a pair of beaver fur ear muffs. It was the first time I ever touched beaver fur. The texture, luxuriously thick and soft, is to die for. Literally. I can now see why beavers were in high demand in that very boring part of Canadian history called the Fur Trade.

Then we drove back to Vancouver, where we finished off an already great day of eating with a fabulous hot pot dinner.