Depending on how much I have left over after my trip to New York next May, I may take surfing lessons next summer. Naturally, one of my goals to achieve by then, in addition to becoming a stronger swimmer, is to feel good about my body type. So, what I need to work on is putting on more healthy weight. Not only will I feel better about my body, but more importantly, I will be stronger overall. Now that I’m living on my own, I need to do more chores that require upper body strength, but I am wary of being injured (and frustrated) if I attempt to do something I’m not strong enough to do. Also, I’ve been struggling on and off with back problems that I know can be curbed by strengthening core muscles.

In general, I want to keep fit. I need to keep fit. It’s a matter of survival.

So, since spring up until lately, I was running pretty regularly. Over the summer, I got into a calisthenics routine, figuring that I should at least carry my own weight (and inspired by Gwen Stefani). Recently, to build more muscle, I acquired some heavier free weights and resistance bands. And I’ve been eating like a pig.

Unfortunately, my exercise routine has been off track for a few weeks now, disrupted by a cold, a strained neck, and the miserable weather. I’ve lost some momentum on staying disciplined, and have had some trouble getting out of the inertia.

The recent spark of motivation, however, is the thought of snowboarding, which I’m hoping to do at least twice this winter. Being tired after a few hours of riding is SUCH a waste of a lift ticket, and I am determined not to let that happen.