snow bunny [definition from the Oxford English Dictionary]
N. Amer. slang, an inexperienced (usu. female) skier;
a pretty girl who frequents ski slopes

Andy organized a snowboarding trip to Cypress this coming Saturday. I won’t be able to ride because I got hurt just this past Tuesday from slipping on a patch of ice. Me such a klutz! Enroute to the bus stop to go to work, I was not a hundred metres from my building’s entrance when I lost balance and fell on my left hip. VERY HARD. The ironic thing was that I was actually looking ahead with concern at a fellow about 50 metres ahead of me. Flailing his arms to keep balance, he was running and skating along the pathway that connects the apartments to Champlain Mall. I was thinking, “If he’s not careful, he’s gonna fall!” As soon as I thought that, down I went. My left pant leg got all wet. I also have a big bruise on my outer thigh and a slight misalignment in my lower back. I should mind my own business next time and just watch out for myself!

But while I’m disappointed in missing out on the slopes, I can take consolation by looking pretty and posing in my most recent purchases (if only it would snow hard again!):


As the Cho sisters pointed out to me last weekend, when I bought these items, “You’re gonna be a snow bunny!” I have to admit, with the right toque and sweater, the whole get-up is pretty cute. Makes me look 10 years younger.

I am very happy with my purchases because I’ve been needing a pair of boots and a more efficient way to stay warm for quite a while now. The recent blast of cold catalysed my search for these winter things, so I can be better prepared the next time.