… is The Innocence Mission, who I heard about from Jeffrey Overstreet from the Looking Closer Journal, who I heard about from my friend Jason. If you are into indie folk, may I direct you here and here to sample IM’s music. Apparently, Sufjan Stevens is also a big fan of this group, so I’m happy to have everything connect together. For some reason, I take pleasure in knowing that I can be consistent sometimes. Maybe it’s my need to make sense of this big, chaotic world we live in.

Anyways, one thing I’m loving about this whole blogging business is finding people who share similar tastes, interests, and ways of thinking as my own. And because these people are also very different from me, I get exposed to new things and ideas, which in turn stretch and push me in pleasantly unpredictable ways (a.k.a “surprises”) that keeps this one life I have to live enjoyable and interesting.

Blogging has come to be for me an efficient and reliable way of obtaining certain kinds of information; depending on what I’m looking for, it’s one way to sift out the wheat from the chaff out there on the Internet. I think it has to do with the fact that there’s a thinking, respectable person behind certain blogs. Once I find someone that I respect, I find myself paying attention to his/her interests and views, although I may not always agree with them.