This year, I hadn’t planned on going to any other Christmas concert except for the Sing-a-long Messiah with the Vancouver Bach Choir next weekend, but Anita was keen to go to see musica intima, so I thought it would be a nice way to spend some sisterly time together. And it was, in spite of the weather.

A wind warning has been in effect in the Lower Mainland for a few days now, and sure enough, the weather was fiercely wet and windy last night. Having to brave strong gusts of umbrella-flipping wind, I didn’t have the greatest time coming home from the Christmas concert. But it was a small price to pay, given that I got to enjoy one of my favourite local choirs. The performance took place at Christ Church Cathedral, a wonderfully acoustic venue (Sufjan Stevens himself performed there a couple months ago).

I was surprised to find that the entire male section was new to me! At times, the men seemed a bit uncomfortable and unsure about how to organically connect with the entire group, how to read the cues and body language of each other. They didn’t exude as much presence and joy as the women, all of whom have been around a long time and were clearly relaxed and having a good time making music together.

But all in all, the choir sounded GREAT; the singers offer such a pure and easy sound that they are able to showcase the text being sung. I was nearly moved to tears a few times.

Afterwards, Anita and I popped by the IGA downtown after the concert to pick up some groceries and then we Skytrained to a station that offered both of us our buses to take us home (in opposite directions). Lucky for her, she only had to wait 5 minutes, while I had to wait 20 in the freezing wind. Oh well. C’est la vie. The PSB song “Home and Dry” kept running in my head on my way home.