The Lower Mainland is having more than its usual share of wacky weather this season. We had dumpings of rain, then snow, and now it is CRAZY windy out there. Some schools are closed, parts of the transit system are seriously delayed, trees have fallen, causing road blockages and the Lions Gate Bridge to shut down, power outages are happening in parts of the Lower Mainland. Quite a number of us came in late to work this morning. I had to let three trains pass by before barely squeezing into the fourth. Susie missed her alarm because her house lost power. Mei took two hours to drive to work. Two others coming from Richmond and Coquitlam never made it in.

Last night, winds along the coast of Vancouver Island whipped up to speeds that approached hurricane status, according to the Vancouver Sun. Victoria has had it pretty tough, suffering the most (in terms of numbers) from power outages. Neil’s parents, who live in the Victoria area, spent all of last night in their unprotected beachfront home listening to wind howl. While the situation is nothing close to being catastrophic, I don’t remember the weather being this unruly before.

What’s causing all this? I have some theories, but I don’t want to belabour the point.