Something that you ex-Vancouverites might want to know about if you haven’t heard already:

The windstorm last week did a lot of damage to our beloved Stanley Park. About 20 percent of the Park’s trees, unable to withstand the force of the wind, were uprooted. Yes, even those big, thick, stately ones, estimated to be a few hundred years old. Also, parts of the Seawall are badly torn up. Landslides were triggered by the storm and parts of the Park’s perimeter remain unstable.

It’s so sad, even though some people say it’s part of the natural cycle (though I can’t help but the storms are more byproducts of global warming). It’s going to take years (generations, some are saying) to restore these trees and the Park. See the Globe and Mail’s article and one from the Vancouver Sun for fuller reports on the situation.

Here’s a picture of an area in Stanley Park where the trees were flattened by the winds. Absolutely heartbreaking.
Stanley Park trees uprooted