This past Christmas was the first one in which I woke up in my own space. It was a bit odd, even lonely, not being around family. I miss waking up, lounging quietly in my parents’ living room, ogling at the gifts under the Christmas tree, waiting for the rest of the family to wake up, and having breakfast with them. Due to some poor planning, there was nothing in my fridge this Christmas to eat or drink. Not even a carton of milk.

In an act of spontaneity, Simon came over to make French toast for breakfast, so that helped to ease the blah-ness.

I also spent a good part of Christmas Day stressing over a hypothetically awkward social situation that seemed impossible to solve. I even asked Simon to pray for me. Managed to shelve that briefly when I went over in the late afternoon to my parents’ for dinner. I had a pretty good time back at home. Everyone ACTUALLY waited for me to exchange gifts. The usual suspects were over: Alfreda, Ada, Rupert, William, Tracy, Joanne. My sister was back from Philly for a visit. Because there was so much food, my mom encouraged us to bring friends to help out. So Penny and Simon came.

As soon as I left my parents’ though, I started problem-solving again. Finally gave Dot a call and asked her to help me out by doing me a favour, at her expense. Much to my relief, she agreed.

There were some high points of Christmas Day, but looking back, I wasn’t too pleased with myself or how I spent my time on my own. Certainly, I didn’t give much thought to the arrival of the Christ child! So I’m starting to think, now that I’m on my own, I need to establish my own purposeful rite to celebrate Christmas, lest I thoughtlessly squander the day away again next year.

For those curious about what Rupert gave me for Christmas this year, I will definitely be writing about that in an upcoming post.