Woe is me. I am a sorry sight to behold these days.

Have been down with the flu since Monday and things aren’t getting any better. Have almost been non-stop feverish, nothing alarmingly high, but a chronic fever means that my body is still battling this most tenacious virus. Visited the doctor today and he recommends that I not go to work tomorrow AND Friday.

I imagine I became vulnerable to the flu after having recently come back from a retreat where 1) I slept poorly ; 2) it took us 9 physically arduous hours to reach (should only have been a 3 hour trek) ; 3) I didn’t drink enough water.

On top of this, I can’t get around very well because my right ankle is very swollen. It looks like a sprain, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything to physically injure it. Actually, it has been sore for almost a couple weeks now and recently I noticed an sudden increase in swelling and redness. Doctor says I might have gout. Have to go back to see him in a couple weeks to get some blood work done. In the meantime, he’s prescribed me a schedule of Advil to help me cope with it. I sure hope I don’t have gout. It would mean I have to be more careful about what I eat. My mind doth protests, “But I’m too young for this!”

My friends and family have been incredibly caring, giving me rides and food so I don’t have to limp around too, too much.

I wonder what the rest of 2007 will bring.