In my slow recovery from a nasty bout of flu, I haven’t had much of a life lately. Nor have I had much inclination to think about “stuff.” It feels as though my mind has been burnt out, wiped clean, reformatted by the days of low-grade fever I had to endure last week. Couldn’t focus even to read or watch TV. The one thing that kept me entertained and feeling somewhat useful without too much brain power was knitting up a couple scarves. It’s weird to take a long extended break from being cerebral. But I think it’s not an entirely bad experience altogether, that is, to get out of my head. Sick as I was, I still quite enjoyed making something lovely and beautiful with my hands.

But I AM feeling a lack of closure from 2006 and somewhat (fearfully) unprepared for this new year. Don’t know what to expect, but my intuition tells me that it’s going to big, there are going to be soul-shaking changes at personal, local, and global levels. Also, I haven’t given much thought about what I want to accomplish, but a few ideas are starting to emerge from the ball of shapeless chaos in my head.

Can’t make out what God is saying to me. Too much (largely self-induced) noise and clutter going on around me, distracting me from His calling. I think I am afraid to listen.