Finally, I have some time to look back and ahead.

2006 was a year of crazy, but necessary change. It was my first year of living on my own … and I survived–physically, emotionally, financially. Yay for me! However, much of the change was anticipated: I had an idea of what to expect, of the kind of changes I would be dealing with being on my own and was prepared pretty well to deal with the unknown.

My attitude towards 2007 isn’t like that all. My intuition says it’s also going to be about crazy change, but I have no idea in what way, and therefore, no idea how to get ready for it. So while I’m excited about the possibilities, I’m also a bit apprehensive.

Anyways, some notable things I learned in 2006:

  • I’m more resourceful than I thought myself to be
  • My cooking can be tasty
  • Good work and thorough research speaks for itself (i.e. I personally don’t need to be overly persuasive)
  • My parents are cool people
  • I’d like be married and have a family
  • Sometimes I like being alone
  • When inspired, youth are incredibly passionate and focussed
  • If “he’s just not that into you,” then it’s nothing to get heartbroken about (and conversely, if he IS into you, he will do anything to be with you)
  • How to knit

Definite aspirations/dreams/goals for 2007:

Other things I might aspire to do in 2007:

  • Being work at 8am (which means getting to bed earlier)
  • Look into starting my own business
  • Take classes from the SFU Writing & Publishing Program
  • Learn to swim more confidently

Well, this is just what comes readily to mind from my subconscious. If I thought harder, I could probably come up with a more comprehensive list. But then, I don’t want to be unrealistic and overwhelm myself, so I think I will stop here.