This morning, OMD’s Enola Gay shuffled up on my iPod. I know it’s the 80’s, but I can’t get over how upbeat and cheerful the instrumentation sounds in contrast to the horrific event the song alludes to. I suppose it’s for ironic effect. OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) was big in the 80’s, but I discovered their music only in the 90’s, when I entered into my Brit synth-electro-pop phase. Anyways, for all you folks who want to take a trip down memory lane (nostagically or historically), here’s the music video:

Actually, I have never seen the music video until I dug around for it for this post. After getting used to the rawkin’ antics of Humphreys and McCluskey, I found myself intensely focussed on the backdrop of innocently rolling clouds, so evocative of that mushroom cloud that emerged from Hiroshima after the bombing. Who knew that, set in the right context, clouds could be so disturbing?