This past Sunday, Nick started on a sermon series on the book of Revelation (often misnomered as Revelations, or The Revelation). To prime us, he got us to think of an experience where we “missed out” on something. I think the approach he is taking with this difficult piece of scripture is relevant to our times. The message (as revealed to John) served to remind and encourage the early churches (who were enduring persecution) to stay vigilant in what God is doing in the “big picture” of things, to not lose sight of it by becoming distracted. I think a lot of churches in North America today are in fact distracted (albeit not from persecution) from what they are called to do, from what God intends them to be.

The set up (i.e. contextualization) was a bit hard to follow, and my mind wandered a few times, but I appreciate these observations that Nick makes about himself on when he misses out on something important going on:

  • when he is bored (e.g. watching for shooting stars, but in waiting to catch sight of one, ends up drifting off and inevitably missing out on a sighting)
  • when he is fixated (e.g. looking obsessively for travel Scrabble on a trip, and having no other recollection of trip)

Naturally, the questions to pose myself are similar: where have I gotten complacent, simply humming along in life, that I might be missing out on what God is doing around me? What are some things I am distracting myself with that takes my attention away from what God is doing around me? How am I asleep? How am I blind? Or deaf to the Spirit’s calling?

Hear for yourself: