Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty blah and uninspired so I haven’t had the motivation to say much about anything about my life or what’s going on around me. Nor have I been knitting very much–I am THAT uninspired. But it’s not like there’s a lack of external stimulation in my life. In fact, it feels like there’s too much going on (even the good things), and I’m overwhelmed. A lot is on my mind these days. With my planning for NY, celebrating with friends, and bracing myself for significant changes taking place in the faith community I belong to, last weekend yielded me bad dreams and poor sleep. So I’m in a pretty tired state of mind these days–can’t seem to cry, can’t seem to find the focus to pray even. Lord, have mercy on me.

Did you know that Nelson Mandela had his tear ducts damaged for 18 years from mining a rock quarry unprotected as a prisoner? When he cried, he couldn’t produce tears. How sucky is that.