There is nothing like cradling a sleeping baby to dig oneself out of the dumps, which was what happened last night (reminder to self: I really should go see Children of Men sometime soon). Yesterday after work, I paid a visit to Joe and Christie, who have been enjoying and adjusting to the arrival of baby Caitlyn born exactly a week ago. She is a sweet bundle of joy and almost as round as her big brother Caleb. The newness and innocence of her little being imbued in me some hope that I needed to get out of a slump. Or, maybe babies naturally trigger a hormonally sedating effect in me–either way, she unknowingly set something straight on my outlook on life. I gratefully accept this experience partly as an answer to a prayer in which I called to God for some relief.

Prior to visiting, I had stopped by the T&T near work to pick up some green tea ice cream, which Christie was craving. To my disbelief, the frozen treats section was practically cleared out. The only flavours remaining were durian, coconut, mango swirl, neopolitan … weird and unremarkable stuff. I was so shocked at the diminished supply that I paced up and down the aisle for about 10 minutes, neurotically checking the freezer as if the green tea flavour would magically appear. My reasoning was that maybe I had overlooked some container or misread the label.

Just as I was about to give up and go hit the closest Safeway along the Skytrain route, I noticed a dorky-looking aproned T&T employee standing nearby and so I inquired him about the ice cream. He was surprised to see that there wasn’t any of the green tea flavour left. Then he told me the most wonderful thing: that there should be some in the storage. He went to the back to check and procured a box of Island Farm green tea ice cream. It was not quite the brand I wanted (I wanted Mario’s), but I was pretty happy nonetheless. Beggars can’t be choosers here.

The lesson I learned: always ask someone to check for extra stock in a supermarket! You don’t know for sure that something isn’t there until someone in the know says so.